Internet Casinos. What’s New this Time?

Information about internet casinos. What’s new this time?

The gambling industry is huge and the UK’s dependency on it as a major source of entertainment, money, and taxes is increasing. The latest gambling news provides you with the latest about betting companies and their activities in the UK. It also summarises some of the consequences of the industry for its players as well as for society more broadly. The article will discuss various gambling studies that indicate a correlation among people who gamble with people who struggle to make ends meet. Finally, it ends by discussing how governments are trying to balance these priorities while staying mindful of society’s difficulties dealing with problems like addiction.

Information about internet casinos. What's new this time?

There is no shortage of statistics and research about the gambling industry in the UK. The latest information from the Foundation for the Study of Gambling Problems (FSGP) provides fascinating insight into how gamblers gamble as well as influence others to do so. For instance, according to an FSGP study, gamblers are more likely than non-gamblers to send emails or text messages that include gambling-related messages. A 2001 report by the UK Gambling Commission found that a single gambling problem will cost £26,000 per year if it is not addressed while a 2001 report found that one in six adults in the UK has a problem with gambling.

The biggest change has been amongst those who play online poker or on mobile phones. One 2007 report by the UK Gambling Commission did a survey of nearly 1,000 people who played online poker. Most of the players were in their teens, and one in four were under 18. Of this group, 14% showed evidence of an addiction. The 2004 British Gambling Prevalence Survey found that 29% of gamblers have used a bookmaker or online betting company. In addition to the economic impact on local communities and public services such as health care, there is also an impact on family life and relationships.

In the US, over 30 million people are experiencing poverty and six million of them live in extreme poverty. In 2014, $2.4 billion worth of lottery tickets were sold in America and the results speak for themselves: one out of every 10 households that spend more than 5% of their money on lottery tickets are living below the poverty line while one out of 10 households that spend less than 5% on lotto are living above it.

This begs to question whether or not gambling has a detrimental effect on those who can barely make ends meet?
The golden age of online casinos is long gone. By the late ’90s, with a combination of recent legislation changes and popularization of online gambling websites, most governments had taken a stab at regulating these ventures. Most notably, in 2006, the US government made it illegal to operate an illegal casino on the internet.

In response to these increased regulations and public concerns regarding addiction issues stemming from these casinos, several sites have sprung up that offer their own branding of safe internet gambling services. They are designed to function like normal online casinos, only they have been carefully designed to keep gamblers from spending too much money and becoming addicted.

This new movement is called Alternative Payment Systems (APS). These casinos offer all the same services as normal online casinos, including bingo, poker, slot machines, and more, but they offer these games for free and have a few extra tools for helping players to control their gaming habits.

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